Atlantic Climbing School’s instruction curriculum is specifically designed to mirror  the progression that many of today’s most skilled and experienced climbers followed in their own climbing development. From their first exposure to the sport in a “top rope” setting, to following an experienced leader as a “second” on longer climbs, and ultimately becoming a solid leader themselves, these experts developed their skills incrementally. In our view, three important benchmarks or levels of competency highlight this systematic progression:

Level I: Top Rope competency
Level II: Second competency
Level III: Lead competency

Our instruction curriculum presents a continuum of courses designed to facilitate a novice’s progression through these three competency levels. Each level consists of a series of courses, one building upon the other,  aimed at helping a client achieve that particular level of competency.  This inclusive curriculum design allows a client to “jump into” the continuum at any given point, assuming they make a candid assessment of their existing knowledge and skill level. Each level also includes a practice component that requires a significant commitment on the part of the client to repeatedly practice and ultimately master the skills and techniques outlined in a particular competency level.

Additionally, our instruction curriculum includes Specialty Instruction courses that highlight popular topics like aid climbing, big wall climbing and adventure racing.