Atlantic Climbing School and its guides have been featured in written articles for many publications, and either trained or been consultants to Universities, Outdoor Programs, and Organizations. Below is a list of some of the Newspapers and Magazines that we have been featured in, and Universities and Organizations that we have worked with in the past:



Newspapers and Magazines:

  • The New York Times (check it out!)
  • Slate Magazine (check it out!)
  • Rock and Ice Magazine
  • Downeast Magazine
  • Climbing Magazine
  • Modern Science Magazine
  • Stern Magazine
  • Sports Afield Magazine
  • Experience Magazine
  • Boston Magazine
  • American Alpine Club annual news letter
  • American Alpine Journal
  • Canadian Alpine Journal
  • The Camden Herald
  • The Bar Harbor Times
  • The MD Islander
  • The Ellsworth American
  • The Herald Gazette
  • Friends of Acadia


Schools, Colleges, and universities:

  • University of Texas Tyler
  • Boston University
  • Colby College
  • College of the Atlantic
  • Camden Rockport Middle School
  • Camden Community School
  • MD Elementary School
  • Dexter regional High School


  • Trekkers
  • YMCA
  • Boy Scouts of America



-We are a family of four, parents and two young teens, 11 and 13, and we were looking for something "different" to do while vacationing in Maine from the Midwest. After researching and reading up on Tripadvisor, we settled on a half-day climb/repelling trip with this company to Otter Cliffs, in Acadia NP, based solely on the reviews on TA. From the first moment we met Eli, til the moment we said good-bye to our guide Christian, we had an extraordinary experience. We valued the very personal, warm service by people who are well-educated, well-trained, and professional. Eli explained everything thoroughly to us on arrival, and included my kids in the discussion - he knew how to talk to them so that they felt like the experience was going to be "cool." On the climb, I was impressed by Christian's teaching style - giving us the history of various knots, for example, and I particularly loved his explanation of the physics behind the mechanisms in the rock anchors when he was teaching my kids how to use them. Safety was of paramount importance, and even though we had some climbing experience and felt quite comfortable on the cliffs, our guide pointed out dangers and gave us safety tips constantly. We all remarked that we'll never rock-climb the same after learning all we did from our guide. The thing I valued the most was that Christian had a gift with working with kids. He made my 13-year-old son feel important by giving him lots of jobs to do, and putting him in charge of various pieces of equipment. He was amazing when coaxing my daughter, who was frightened at times, into successfully pushing her boundaries, and was able to do it with infinite patience and gentleness - much more than I would have had! Overall, the climbs themselves were challenging but not too much if you're fairly fit, and the views from where we climbed were spectacular - and it gave all of us a rush to see what we'd accomplished. I cannot recommend this experience highly enough. It was a splurge for us but worth every penny. The Atlantic Climbing School should be teaching their business model to other companies - they are doing it right.

-Amy A, June 2013


- Iwanted to take this time to say what a completely wonderful time we had with your school.  We had Grant as an instructor and he was an awesome teacher.  My boyfriend was almost too nervous to take that first plunge, but Grant's confidence in him and persuasion helped him down the cliff.  And he loved it afterwards.  He said that he doesn't think anyone but Grant could have gotten him to go.  Grant's persona really helped us trust him, which obviously is extremely important when somebody is telling you to lean back off a mountain!  We really enjoyed climbing and just hanging out with him! :)  So thank you so much.  We hope to make it back to Acadia one day and go climbing with your school again.


-Adrienne, June 2013



You are an awesome guide. Sean and I had a perfect experience. You covered everything that we wanted to know, in a fun laid back environment. I cant thank you and ACS enough for your help. We will be climbing with ACS again in the future. Your knowledge and insight were exactly what we needed. I like the pictures also, good job. Sean and I are going to get out there and practice and keep learning.

Thanks Again,

Gary -June 2013

Eli, I had to drop a line to say thank you for the great experience my family and friends had on Saturday. Grant and Christian were so patient with Piper and Olivia. They inspired trust and confidence in them so they were able to have a truly great memory. Their sincerity is what made the day. We all had a wonderful time.

-Bill Sullivan -June 2013

When we first went to Atlantic Climbing school, my family and I were very nervous because we had never been climbing before. We met with Eli and he explained to us the basics of rock climbing. The staff clearly knew what they were doing and had the knowledge to help us climb safely in the best places that the park had to offer. On our first day of climbing, Eli taught us how to be safe before anything else and took his time to make sure that we all felt comfortable and happy before we started climbing. We had so much fun on our initial climb that we went back the next day and scheduled another session. Climbing with Atlantic Climbing School was definitely the highlight of out vacation. Atlantic climbing school was able to provide a comfortable and safe environment for our family to enjoy the great climbing that Acadia has to offer. We have went back to Bar Harbor every year for the past four years to go climbing with Atlantic Climbing School. The guides have a thorough knowledge of Acadia national park and always have a fun spot to climb. They provided all of the gear that we needed including shoes! Great family experience!

-Susan P - July 2012


"I have to tell you that my son and his now fiance (engaged during their visit to Bar Harbor) thoroughly enjoyed their Memorial Day Weekend Climb with your organization.

My son said this was the best gift i have ever given him! I can't thank you enough for your help with this gift!

I am thinking of giving a climbing gift to my younger son and his girlfriend this Christmas."

Jakie Turner   -May 2012



"On behalf of 40 new trekkers, we would like to thank you for providing us once again with an exceptional experience in Acadia. Your knowledge, consistency, humor and ability to connect to youth and adults alike all contributed to our students and mentors pushing themselves beyond their perceived limitations. Hearing students' stories of their rock climbing adventures and seeing the energy in their faces is so rewarding and inspiring in doing this work. Thank you for making this possible!"

Trekkers - May 22 2012


Thanks so much! I had a down right awesome time in the outdoors with you guys. Thanks for perpetuating the stoke!


Caroline McNally, October 2011


I just wanted to share that I had a fabulous time out with Nate. I wasn't really expecting that anyone could fill Chris Kane's shoes, but he was awesome... good company and a very confident and competent guide. It was, all in all, a day that far surpassed my hopes. Thank you. I'll definitely be back - without a couple decades in between this time!



Kirsten , August 7, 2011


Hey Eli!

Its Russ from Boston‚ I just wanted to once again thank your company and especially Ansel for making my annual trip to Bar Harbor the best ever because of my introduction to rock climbing!!!!!! I absolutely loved it. My first day as you may ( or may not as you get lots of folks) I went with my friends 14 year old daughter to Otter Cliffs and although she had climbed before at a camp in the White Mountains last year Ansel was great in knowing just what to say and how to motivate her not only down the side of the cliffs which can be a bit intimidating for anyone as I know it was for me when it was my turn but, also how to get back up and not get discouraged. It is a testament on just how personalized each trip is and how each guide figures out how to connect with each guest. I cannot say in words just how great this new experience was as at times I was nervous, excited, adrenaline- filled, focused, calm and just having a blast all at the same time somehow J. I cannot wait until next year when we come back again. If, I can I may even sneak up again for another long weekend getaway if I can.  Again, thank you for introducing me to a great new sport, challenging me in ways I have not previously been challenged and for again a simply great time. Many thank to Ansel again he was great!

All My Best,

Russell D. Busa -July, 2011


I just wanted to thank you.  My family had a GREAT time yesterday climbing with Nate.  Our youngest quickly became attached to him and climbing.  Our oldest daughter had a few issues and Nate was quick to reassure her help her finish her first climb and help her get back down.  That was the only climb she did yesterday, however Nate kept asking her and trying to get her to try again or to see if there was anything he could for her.  We thought that was great and truly appreciate all the effort he put into our climb.

Our youngest, Natasha wants to climb some more and has asked for us to find places at home we can take her to.  Even our oldest said she would try indoor climbing and possibly go rock climbing with us again next year.

Thanks again, and a big thank you to Nate!


Jen & Gene Manfred - August, 2011


We had an incredible time. This was our first time outdoor rock climbing and it's one we will always remember. Ryan was an awesome guide and instructor. His knowledge of climbing and the terrain was incredible. We learned so much from him. Now we're hooked. Jack and I are talking about when and where we are going to go next.

Thanks again!

-Andy and Jack Ryan -July 9th, 2011


Dear Pete & Eli,

Thank you so much for guiding our hikes and our climbing this past weekend. Both students and adults absolutely adored you. I think a few of my female leaders fell in love. Your skill, humor and care were referenced frequently throughout the weekend and in their evaluations (even on their Facebook updates when we got home). It's evident that you have found success in the delicate balance between running a professional business while also pursuing your passions. It's an incredible model for young people and I feel really lucky that you have been a partner and guide to Trekkers over the years. Here are some quotes from our evaluations that I thought you'd like to read.  From Students:

"I loved rock climbing. When I finally was able to just let go and trust the rope, it was the most amazing experience."

"I can't believe how fun it is to scale a giant rock!"

"My favorite part of the trip was rock climbing. I liked it a lot and I want to do that again."

"I realized I am not very scared of heights because of the huge cliff we climbed. Heights have always scared me."

"This may have been the best weekend of my life."

"One new thing that I have realized about myself from being on this trip would be that I can do whatever I want as long as I stay strong and brave and never give up. As I did with rock climbing."

"I love rock climbing!"

From my leadership team:

"Some students said that after rock climbing they were much more trusting of us."

"The activities gave us opportunities to interact by encouraging one another. Especially rock climbing, where students got to see leaders way out of their comfort zone."

"I was also really impressed at how the guides got so involved with the students. The students were excited to go climbing because they knew Eli and the other guides would be there."

A comment about hiking: they loved having Eli (aka, Pablo). He definitely became part of the team!

Thank you both again. I'll be hoping for some good weather this weekend with the next team

Meredith Lynt

Program Manager

Trekkers, Inc.

May, 2011

I had spent my last 3 days with Peter doing a number of hikes (Perpendicular to Jordan cliffs) and climbs (otter cliffs). He taught me and my brother so much and had so much to say about everything from his experiences on the mountains. He was the first person to help my brother over come his fear of heights and now has me completely obsessed with climbing. He has opened a new door to a hobby and i will never stop ... see you guys very soon.   Gerard Smith - June,  2011


I had a fabulous time on a climb with Pete at Otter Cliffs last Friday. He was calm, informative, helpful and fun. He helped me feel that I had really accomplished something in just a few hours. He is a terrific guide PLUS he has no opinions and shows no fear!   -Theresa Cox- June,  2011

I just wanted to thank you all for getting me into rock climbing! Pete took me out for two days to do a few lead climbs. It was an amazing experience and opened my eyes to the climbing world. This year I started working for my schools adventure program doing trips and working our climbing wall. The climbing in Virginia isn't the same as climbing granite on the coast in Maine, but it definitely suffices. Thanks again! - Liz Weisbort - September 30th 2009


I just wanted to take a moment and commend you on a great, great experience we had with Atlantic Climbing School. In particular, Ian took wonderful care of Deborah and I. He (carefully) pushed our climbing beyond where we had ever been before. It was exhilarating, positive, uplifting,and fantastic. We can't wait to come back, and learn more from your school, hopefully with Ian. thanks for an amazing experience for Deborah's 40th Birthday, Best, - Michael and Deborah Sauri - September 1st, 2010

Did a half day lesson/climb with Pete on Otter Cliffs this past Monday and had a blast! Pete was very informative and helpful and we couldn't have asked for a nicer day. Thanks Pete, hope you're enjoying El Capitan!     -Veronica Gozar Carpenter-  October, 2010

Hi Eli, I received my ACS shirt in the mail yesterday. Thanks. I'll wear it proudly. We had a great experience last week. We all agreed that you are not just an excellent climber, but a great teacher as well. Your level expertise and of confidence set our minds at ease and enabled us to focus on the climb. We all felt very safe in your hands. I'll be back! Thanks again, Marty Wall - Marty Wall - May, 20th 2010

Pete recently guided 5 of our Boy Scouts at Otter Cliffs. The climbs were exciting and challenging. It was an awesome experience for the boys and for those of us who got to watch. What a beautiful location, too. Thank you, Pete, for your patience and hard work in encouraging each of these young men to go beyond their comfort level. They will never forget it.          Donna Hett Finnegan - October, 2010


"I have had many guided experiences over the last decade on rock, ice, and multi-day alpine mountaineering and wilderness trekking and skills (e.g., NOLS).... [Pete is] among the top three guides from whom I have had the opportunity to work with and learn. [His} knowledge, insight, patience, encouragement, and warm disposition are excellent. From the outset when we arrived at Otter Cliffs I appreciated [him] giving an orientation to the particular rappel and belay systems used at the site. - Robert Krinsky - May 26, 2009

Hey Eli, Just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you again for an incredible experience. I got to fulfill one of my bucket list goals and challenge myself in a new way. Most definitely will be back again. Your knowledge and expertise were incredible. It was very comforting and re-assuring that you were so confident in your abilities and were able to convey and teach that to us. Your encouraging words ,and tips were awesome ,and you never made us feel like beginners. - Lloyd VanDuzer - May 19th, 2010

On behalf of Trekkers, I want to thank you for providing us with an exceptional experience at Acadia. Your Patience and generosity shown while guiding us up Cadillac and instructing us how to rock climb played a large part in helping us achieve that good impression. The talents and skills you and your guides brought to our weekend were indespensable. - Don Carpenter, Trekkers May 16, 2009

"Pete and Eli, Everyone here at the Community School wants to thank you for all the great experiences. Climbing and learning, singing and dancing along rock walls in Acadia and Camden was a blast. You both possess so much great skill, confidence, and fun. We look forward to working with you in the future!" - The Community School - June 23rd, 2010

Dear Eli, Shereen and I just wanted to thank you massively for giving us such an enjoyable outing at Otter Cliffs!Our experience rock climbing will invariably be one of the best memories we take from Maine! Thank you Massively! - Erik - July 25th 2010

Hey I just wanted to say thanks on behalf of our crew for this past weekend. We all had a blast. Great time and you guys definitely made the time memorable. Have a great rest of the season and thanks again. - David Landquist, - July 19, 2009

Jacob's experience climb was fantastic! We learned a lot in one afternoon - - even his mom who just watched and took a ton of pictures. I felt confident safety was the #1 priority. Jacob challenged himself and is eager to do more. Our guide did a great job - friendly, patient, just the right approach to encourage and challenge. Thanks for everything. You have our recommendation for anyone we know who travels your way. Thanks for everything! - Teresa O'Donnell - July 17, 2010

"Eli, Eliot and I had a blast! You are very serious about safety but also fun and "laid back" (and encouraging when needed.) While I felt we were in the company of a very accomplished climber, you never made us feel awkward into our introduction to this rush of a sport. We just wanted to thank you again and wish you the best." - Peter Sands - July 27, 2009

I wanted to write and let you know how much we appreciate Atlantic Climbing School for making our first trip to Acadia so wonderful. Eli, you were so helpful in setting us up with a climb that worked for our entire family - including our youngest son, Sean, who has significant special needs. I'm sure having a request to cart a wheelchair to Otter Cliffs isn't an everyday occurrence, but your willingness to make it happen was great. Our guide, Ian, was a true star, making all of us feel comf - Kerri Hanlon - August 5th 2010

Thanks so much for an incredible morning Sam! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience! You are an awesome instructor! P.S. It made my trip, Haley - Haley Heston - 8/20/10

We had a wonderful afternoon of climbing with Ryan and Dave yesterday in Camden. Perfect weather. Perfect guides. Perfect fun. Each one of us so enjoyed the experience and it was thrilling for me to see my three young children tackle the mountain side with such enthusiasm and confidence. Ryan and Dave were first rate guides - affable, knowledgeable and encouraging of each member of our group. Great role models for the kids. We'll do it again in a heartbeat! - Stephanie Mayer - 7/26/10

I wanted to write and let you know how much we appreciate Atlantic Climbing School for making our first trip to Acadia so wonderful. Eli, you were so helpful in setting us up with a climb that worked for our entire family - including our youngest son, Sean, who has significant special needs. I'm sure having a request to cart a wheelchair to Otter Cliffs isn't an everyday occurrence, but your willingness to make it happen was great. Our guide, Ian, was a true star, making all of us feel comf - Kerri Hanlon - 7/20/10

We can't thank you enough for a great time climbing - at 60 some think its a little late to start this sport - after climbing with you - we know we can do it. This was the best birthday present I could have given to Pat. Thanks again, we will be back for more climbing, thanks - we had the time of our lives!! - Kim Ruth - 6/18/09