Clothing & Footwear
Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allows freedom of movement. Jeans are not recommended; in warm weather, shorts are best. Dress for the weather conditions but plan ahead for abrupt changes; layers are ideal so that you may easily adapt to changing conditions. Footwear needs to be sturdy: tennis, running or hiking shoes are best. Please, no sandals – the approach to some of our climbing sites requires hiking over rocky, uneven terrain.

Personal Items
Bring plenty of water and a few light snacks (for a full day course, bring a lunch). Sunscreen and sunglasses are highly advisable since there is very little shade on the side of a cliff (it is best to put sunscreen on before you leave so you can wash your hands). A small daypack is necessary to carry your personal items as well as the gear we will provide – we do have packs available if you do not have your own. Don’t forget a camera, even the disposable kind ‚ you won’t believe the great shots you and your guide will get! Please arrive prepared so that none of your course time is spent locating/purchasing these personal items.

Personal Climbing Equipment
Clients are allowed to use their own climbing equipment (harness, helmet, climbing shoes, chalkbag, locking carabiners (2), and belay device), as long as it is in sound condition and meets our approval. All client-provided climbing equipment must be submitted for inspection before the start of each course. Please bring this equipment to our office at the start of your course so that your guide can inspect and approve its use. We reserve the right to disallow the use of personal climbing equipment if we deem it unsafe for its intended use.