Bouldering is a great half-day activity for people of all ages and abilities.

Courses daily by appointment, AM or PM

Acadia offers spectacular bouldering terrain — sea-side boulders and shorter escarpments tucked into secluded portions of Acadia. Bouldering is an excellent, encouraging group activity with climbers spotting one another (a form of safety), and learning from each other. This social form of climbing is great for groups, families, couples, and individuals alike.

Bouldering is a specialized style of rock climbing limited to very short sections of rock. Due to its simplicity and social nature, bouldering has quickly become one of the most popular forms of rock climbing. Bouldering routes — commonly referred to as “problems” — are typically short climbs that are much like problem solving.
Using climbing shoes, gymnasts chalk, and a mattress-like bouldering mat, bouldering allows a climber to focus solely on the freedom of movement.