Deposit Policy
A 50% deposit is required to maintain a reservation. If you make your reservation in person, this deposit can be paid in cash, by check, or with a VISA, MasterCard or Discover Card. Deposits for reservations made over the phone can either be by credit card or by mailing a check made out to Atlantic Climbing School. Our mailing address is PO Box 514, Bar Harbor, Maine 04609.

Cancellation/Refund Policy
All deposits are fully refundable if you provide us with at least 48 hours cancellation notice or if inclement weather – in our judgment – precludes your course from running as scheduled. Group courses require a two-week cancellation notice in order to receive a full refund.

No shows will be charged the cost of the full course.

Please understand that we have a very short season — every day counts (one day in our season equates to an entire week in a year-round business). When someone enthusiastically books a reservation for a particular day, then calls up the night before to cancel, we lose the opportunity to refill that course slot.

Weather Policy
If it has rained significantly during the early morning hours, is raining when you get up or is threatening to rain, please call the ACS office at 288.2521. We get into the office early on bad weather days so we can get online and take a look at the weather radar to help us make a decision about whether or not to cancel a course. Calling us may save you an unecessary trip to our office.

Understand that the rock in our area — granite — dries quickly and we are very experienced with local conditions. If we say it will be dry enough to climb, it’s dry enough to climb. Likewise, if we say it’s wet, trust our judgment.

The litmus test we always apply on bad weather days is this: If this were our day off and we intended to go climbing recreationally, would we go? If the answer is “absolutely not,” then we certainly wouldn’t dream of subjecting paying clients to those same conditions. Asking clients to pay good money to be miserable is not in our mission statement. We will cancel your course and provide a full refund and we will do our best to reschedule your course if possible. For that reason, always consider scheduling your course as early in your stay as possible, in case bad weather requires us to cancel your course and reschedule.

Park Pass and Entrance Fee Policy

It is your responsibility to get a park pass which enables you to enter Acadia National Park. There are many locations where one can buy a park pass and there are many different options as far as what pass you buy. Below is a link to The National Park Service website which explains in detail all that is needed to know about the Acadia National Park entrance fee and park pass. We here at ACS will be happy to help make this step as easy as possible in any way. If you have questions in regards to this policy, please don’t hesitate to give our office a call.